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February 6, 2009

AIDS denialists

My appearance in two brief mini-documentaries for the web, funded by the U.S. state department which I posted below, has earned me the ire of AIDS dissidents who continue to argue that HIV does not cause AIDS and that antiretroviral drugs are toxic. I woke up this morning to find my email inbox full of messages from members of various dissident groups, a few of which are reproduced below. Apparently the video has been posted to some AIDS denialist website.I hesitate to even engage in debates with these people or to give any publicity to their cause, which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands in South Africa alone. A recent study by researchers at Harvard University blames Thabo Mbeki’s refusal to acknowledge that HIV causes AIDS — and to therefore implement a comprehensive treatment policy — for the premature deaths of 365,000 people. Now that Mbeki is no longer president, they’ve lost an important ally. But AIDS denial still exists and is still a powerful force. The confusing messages coming from these so-called experts who still pepper the web with their debunked theories just make it harder for us to tackle the problem.


I saw the two videos you appeared in recently, bought and paid for by the US State Department.


I’m surprised you associated yourself with such blatant propaganda. The websites that you cited (duesberg.com, rethinkingaids.com, virusmyth.net) have never had any time for the theory that HIV was a government bioweapon. That theory requires you to believe that HIV is the cause of AIDS, it’s diametrically opposed to the beliefs of scientists who question the evidence that HIV is the cause of AIDS (and the accuracy of HIV tests, safety of AIDS drugs, reality of sexual transmission etc.). I’m sure that you know this, but the cause of propaganda is not well served by being truthful.

Your claim that 20 years has been lost in preventing HIV transmission and AIDS because so many people believed in “denialism” is quite incredible. People questioning the HIV=AIDS dogma have always been pushed to the margins. Pushed out of their jobs, their ability to publish, their ability to get grants, even their ability to express their opinions. I suppose that we should be flattered to believe that the lack of progress by the AIDS establishment is due to our efforts. The lack of a vaccine, the lack of drugs without fatal side effects, the continuing presence of false positive test results. It is ironic that after 25 years with all the funding allocated to one side of the argument, you are now complaining that the marginalized, ridiculed, heavily punished heretics were actually the ones stopping your side from scoring. That notion is breathtaking in its absurdity.

Since you are currently living in Greece, I encourage you to contact Maria [last name and email removed] and discuss her first hand experiences being an HIV-positive woman, being on the drugs for many years, and now having stopped them. You might learn something about the realities of the belief in HIV and how the belief is destroying people’s lives.

I am happy to debate what AIDS is, what HIV is, whether HIV is sexually transmitted, and whether the safety/toxicity tradeoff of drugs is positive with you any time, as long as the debate is made publicly available. You were so very poised and confident in a video where you can appear without fear of rebuttal, it will be interesting to see how you handle the debate when it actually gets down into science and facts.


David Crowe

President, Rethinking AIDS


Oh, God, David, why bother?  This woman made a video so awful it ended up on “AIDStruth.”  And who the hell sits around viewing State Department videos during Oscar season?  AIDStruth is a bunch of people so desperate that they think they need to spy on little old me.  If I were a conspiracy theorist, I think I could dream up a better bunch of villains than these “truthiness” nerds.  They’re an embarrassment to their universities and institutions.

I’m pleased that we have scared the U.S. Government so much that it has to commission a video supposedly about us.  (And it doesn’t describe us at all, for that matter.)  I call that progress.

Until AIDS researchers come up with a vaccine that works, they should stop blaming their failures on the people who predicted they would fail because a vaccine would make everyone “HIV positive.”  That’s how antibodies in vaccines work; they make you positive for antibodies — and Gallo says we don’t understand the biology.  Rethinking AIDS requested that his original Science papers be withdrawn because he actually crossed out the concluding sentence and substituted another one.  Maybe that’s how biology works.

Rather ironic that she talks about “racism” the very week the VERA Institute of Justice came out with its sham investigation of black and Hispanic kids being kidnapped from their families in New York and enrolled in HIV drug trials.  Trials so painful I can’t imagine anyone surviving, and yet “only” 80 kids died.

Nicole is not going to talk to Maria [initial removed] or anybody else who challenges her. That would take humility, intelligence, and integrity — qualities noticeably missing from the other side.  Compassion, too.  She would actually have to care about those kids in Harlem, and that would be too much to bear.

And yeah, I know I’m sending this directly to her.  Is she an actress?  A reporter would have actually researched the damn thing.

Elizabeth Ely

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